Monday, May 19, 2008

A bit and a book...

This is my first ever blogging experience, a warning that it won't be nearly what you've come to expect from Alexa. Her posts are always more than one could hope for, full of witty comments, fabulous ideas and the most amazing flowers. After such a sweet introduction from Alexa, the pressure to come up with all things great, as she always does, was huge but I was up for the challenge. I had envisioned sharing a week filled with posts about weddings and creative ideas and things I love, but I am catching a plane this afternoon, last minute, so there will be just one.

If you're one of Alexa's loyal readers, as I am, you may remember her post about my new company, Unveiled. I've been planning weddings and events for some time now, but only recently decided to dive in head first and start advertising. To my surprise and delight, I've actually got three new weddings for this summer and fall in addition to the three I already had scheduled. To be a part of such a memorable occasion is truly an honor. I am a total planner, addicted to organizing and the office supply store, have an everlasting love affair with design and beautiful things and am bit of a control freak, so this business is a perfect fit.

Upon the launch of my website, my mom got me a book as a sort of congratulations gift. The book has turned out to be such a fabulous read and although I'm not through it yet, I have a six year old, a husband and two other jobs besides Unveiled so getting through a book takes me ages, I highly recommend it to anyone who has ever been married, ever wants to be married or is curious about what women really think about weddings. It is a compilation of short stories about twenty-seven very different women and their actual experiences with marriage and weddings. The book is called Altared, edited by Colleen Curran and written by top women authors. This book is a must read and I strongly suggest you pick up a copy and indulge in the honesty, true love, hilarity and often bitter sweet moments this book has to offer.

With that, I am off to the airport. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read what I had to say and I only hope to be invited back again as a guest blogger and offer the posts that this great blog so deserves.

~Katy Leiser

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