Monday, May 12, 2008

Notes from a busy weekend, part I

Just a few snapshots from a very busy, fun weekend. These were flowers for a rehearsal dinner Friday night at Hotel Andra. If only I could somehow attach the fragrance to this post. The arrangements were composed of lily of the valley and garden roses with accents of hosta and ladies mantle. The result? The most heavenly aroma.

A close-up of garden rose "Juliet", followed by a sweet sprig of lily of the valley. I decided that I will be filling any and every empty spot in my garden with lily of the valley as soon as possible. Such a delicate and sweet little flower, with so much amazing fragrance.

And one quick question, since my mail just arrived along with an interesting little situation. Do you think it's a random coincidence that our IRA stimulus check came Friday, and "special preferred customer offers" came today from Nordstroms, Banana Republic, and Coach? I think not.


ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

smile to the stimulus check!

also, speaking of smell, i have heard that apparently in germany they have perfected a cell phone chip to transmit smell. can the internet be far behind???

Jenni said...

What are those big pink, fluffy, peony looking flowers? They are BEAUTIFUL!

I am getting married next August and LOVE peonies, but know that they are out of season then...are these flowers in season in August?

Alexa Johnson said...

Ami-what a breakthrough for floral designers that would be! Instead of a song popping up when you click on the site, image a wonderful mix of peony, lily of the valley, and gardenia wafting from the screen. Heaven!

Jenni-the big pink fluffies are garden roses! I used a mix of four different pink varieties. They do look very peony-like, and are what I always suggest to my brides that love peonies but aren't getting married during their bloom time. Just ask for garden roses, and be very specific that you don't want traditional "florist roses". Also your florist that you want them to get them early enough that they are fully open on your wedding day. You'll think you are surrounded by peonies!

cara said...

so beautiful! I love garden roses, unfortunately they're a bit out of our budget for the wedding. I can't wait to have a garden though, I'm going to fill it with David Austin garden roses and lie in it all day every day (Scottish weather permitting, of course!)