Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Day!

What a fun wedding this weekend! Just a few shots showing Lara's flowers. I loved her colors--vibrant orange, cymbidium green, deep purple, and ivory. I know the photos are going to be so pretty (and mine are always terrible), so I want to wait to get some professional pics back before I show too much.

The Sunset Club was such a beautiful venue (antique Italian chandeliers everywhere!) and her cake was incredible (dark chocolate faux bois frosting with white chocolate curls shaped as birch bark, accented with real twigs and her custom bird cake topper...SO cute!).


cara said...

You're right, the birdies are just too cute to be passée! I love the orange , did the bride wear orange too?

Alexa Johnson said...

Hi P&P!
No, the bride did not wear orange, but it was a major player elsewhere in the design. It's one of her favorite colors. The bride wore an ivory vintage-inspired dress with beautiful feathers (back to the birds!) and a fur wrap with a dark purple vintage butterfly broach. She was gorgeous!

Sarah Spada said...

Hi Lex! The arrangement in the urn is so awesome! I had a great time helping out on that wedding. It was a great spot to work at and a great person to work with!

cara said...

It sounds like a gorgeous outfit!

I really love the orange flower girl, and the flowers are just gorgeous. I like that that orange isn't overwhelmeing but makes a really beautiful accent colour.