Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday dear friend!

From Rose and Radish via sfgirlbybay.

Today is my friend Robin's birthday. She is one of the greatest blessings in my life, and I treasure our friendship immensely. We've been the best of friends since second grade, but it seems like she's just always been in my life.

Robin's egg blue pendant and earings from victoria stone.

Robin's talents? Listening, and offering great advice (without being pushy). No topic has ever been off limits. The tough stuff; crazy family issues (we both have a few strange relatives), boyfriends and then husbands (I really owe her for this one actually--I went on my first date with my husband thanks to a double-date so she wouldn't have to go alone with his friend), break-ups, career changes, hormones, babies, get the picture. But we love the fun stuff too! Houses and decorating, fashion and shopping, cooking and restaurants, books (when we're feeling literary) and tv (when we're not).

Singing robins from Bell'occhio.

Other talents? She writes THE BEST notes when she sends you card. And she ALWAYS sends a thank you card. Gardening. I was at it long before her, and offered a lot of advice and ideas when she first started. Now, I am constantly asking her for help or copying the amazing plant combinations she puts together that are just vivid with color and texture (and she often does this without a single flower in site). Salads. And not the healthy kind. The kind chock full of bacon, dried cranberries, candied pecans, feta cheese, and luscious homemade vinaigrette.

Handmade robin pattern available from tdpainting.

She's sweet to my boys (and bails me out constantly by watching them when I'm running to meetings with clients or weddings), is a passionate advocate for saving the earth and ourselves from chemicals and waste, and always has great magazines at her house.

Beautiful robin's egg French soaps from Cox & Cox.

That little twist of fate that put us living next door to each other as girls was as good as winning the lottery. Not everyone has a life-long friendship like Robin and I do, and it truly is a blessing. Love you!

Darling vintage necklace from portobello.


Aimee said...

That was the nicest birthday tribute ever, and all very true about her as a sister too!

Sarah Spada said...

WOW! Everything you said about my wonderful sister is true! She is the best. And I am glad through her having you as a best friend we get you too! And yes, she does write the best notes and is the most dedicated environmentalist I know!

Alexa Johnson said...

Hi Aimee and Sarah-isn't she just the best? And thanks so much for your very sweet comment Sarah. I'm lucky that through her I get a whole extra family (full of really fab sisters!).--Lex