Friday, May 16, 2008

Notes...the last one!

Finally! Thanks for sticking with me on this people. We're almost done. But I had to share just one more thing!

My mom is a very talented quilter, and used mother's day to fill me in on a great new designer that started in quilting world but who is taking the rest of the world by storm as well. Amy Butler is designing super cute casually romantic clothing, accessories, and home decor--and is selling their patterns. She also has a line of fabric out that is fresh and organically geometric. I love it all!

Mom gave me the pattern for the "Barcelona Skirt" shown above...but the best part is that SHE is making it, so it might even turn out ok (and might be done before 2025).

Amy's website also let's you take a peek into her studio and gorgeous home. She's one of those talented people that can make everyday objects stand out as works of art. Have fun, and drag those sewing machines out of the back of your closets!


please sir said...

So lovely - great post!

One Love Photo said...

Oh how I love Amy Butler! I don't own a sewing machine, have never sewn more than an apron in middle school. Yet still I have pile of Amy Butler fabric. It so pretty I can't resist it. I do use some of it in my mixed media collage art......check it out when you have a chance.

Unknown said...

ooh, i love the pic of her studio and those fabrics are yummy! I just started learning how to sew, so when I'm better at it I might have to get some of that fabric :)