Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tried and true

Michelle Rago (love, love, LOVE her work!) recently did a post about her favorite details, and I agree with absolutely every single one of them (pussy willows, ferns, fruit, bittersweet vine, feathers, rocks, birch bark, crystals). I have a few additions though...

Candles...because the sparkle is beautiful, and everyone looks and feels gorgeous in the glowey light. (From left: Oh How Charming!, Michelle Rago, Aaron Delesie.)

Fern geometric yet organic, and the most fabulous color of purple/chocolate/black EVER. And yes, they really are from a living plant (people always ask me "what those metal thingys are") (All from Fiore Blossoms, except bout on grey suit from Style Me Pretty.)

Letters...beautiful fonts/type/calligraphy, presented on menu cards, table numbers, and place cards always shows that you thought of every detail. (Calligraphy from Laura Hooper.)

And lanterns. They can be elegant, fun, breezy, casual, formal...but they always make a huge impact. (Photos from Lola Event Production, MS, Anna Kuperburg, Square Root Designs.)

What else are we forgetting?


please sir said...

Beautiful photos! Lovely!

Julie @ Belle Maison said...

I wish I could have like 10,000 weddings! Even though I loved mine last year, when I come across photos like these, I want to do it again, but in a totally different style and color scheme!