Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Notes...part II

So, after dropping off the rehearsal dinner flowers on Friday, my friend Katy and I stopped by the Dahlia Bakery for a late lunch and a little chocolate. Now, I've never been a big Tom Douglas fan (yikes! I can't believe I just said that out loud in Seattle), thanks to a night long ago that involved a surprise set of tickets to The Nutcracker, a great room at The Westin, crabcakes at The Dahlia Lounge--yes, this is where the night started to go wrong--and eight hours on the before-mentioned Westin's bathroom floor. Anyway...I'm glad I gave the Dahlia Bakery a chance. Dee-lish!

The bakery has a very French boulangerie feel with beautiful pastry cases full of treats and a full menu of soups, sandwiches and salads. We enjoyed our egg salad with wild truffle oil and asparagus outside at one of their little cafe chairs. And their location on 4th near Virginia is just quite enough to enjoy a meal, and just busy enough for a little people watching. We finished off with the chocolate truffle cookies which were one of the best chocolate cookies I've ever had.

Tom Douglas, let's be friends.

Flickr photo credits: Dahlia sign, red awning, pastry case, bread baskets, chocolate truffle cookie, tarts, berries and seltzer, girly cakes, and cupcakes.

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cara said...

Oh my!

I'm a huge huge cake addict and reading this has given me a small sugar high! How delicious.