Thursday, April 10, 2008


A post after all that you can try out Google Reader!

Beautiful shades of silk dresses from Coren Moore. Love the simple styles that Coren and Lee, who have been best friends since childhood and share a love for design, incorporate into their well-edited collection.

Purple can be a tough color, but I love how crisp the white bodices look, and the maid of honor's lime dress provides the perfect counterpoint. Gorgeous tight posies of hydrangea, and the perfect accessory? The serene blue bay in the background. Love this wedding!

Coren does coral (another tough color!) perfectly.

Reminiscent of Japanese obis...

The "Maggie" style has a beautifully sculpted neckline.

I don't know what it is with me and coral today! I've been busy getting ready for a wedding and rehearsal dinner this weekend and have been teaching a class all week, so am feeling pretty tired. I love how this color seems very invigorating! That's a Coren Moore dress, second from the right in this fashion spread from "InStyle Weddings".

All photos from Coren Moore's site, most from the "Real Weddings" section.

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Robin said...

Thank you! The second picture reminds me of the color of the dresses we wore for your wedding. I just had a great idea - how about a look back on your blog to celebrate your 10th anniversary????
Loving Google Reader!