Thursday, April 17, 2008

Real Weddings: Roland & Leann

The wedding that followed yesterday's rehearsal dinner pictures. I love that the two events had such different designs--I don't think the wedding should ever look like a "The Rehearsal Dinner...continued". You don't want to give everything away the night before!

This wedding was held at a darling little church in Medina (no pictures, I was setting up the reception), and the reception that followed was at Canlis, a Seattle institution with an amazing view and even more amazing food. (I heard from the staff at Canlis that Peter Nordstrom had his wedding here last December, with shimmery navy blue linens/dresses etc. and white birch branches everywhere. Doesn't it sound incredible?). Leann asked for flowers in light spring shades of pink, green, and soft blue; and she loved a looser free-flowing look for the designs.

There were two table designs. The first had heavy glass squares with a mix of hydrangea, fringe tulips, callas, lilies, chocolate fiddleheads, green orchids and roses. The other design was a set of four glass vases in various sizes of rectangles, each have a single flower type: hydrangea, callas, delphinium, and more fabulous green orchids.

A large statement piece arrangement for the entrance into the space...composed entirely of green and white orchids.

Little details...

chocolate fiddleheads, which formed a perfect natural heart

A green orchid was tucked into each guests napkin--which adds so much more color to the table and makes each guest feel special.

Don't forget to have your photographer get a shot of the bride and groom's place cards. It's always a very sweet picture!


One Love Photo said...

fiddleheads! So that is what those cute things are called. I have always wondered! Your work is awesome! I love flowers so much, I think that is why I enjoy shooting weddings as much as I do. I hope I get to shoot a wedding that you do sometime because I love what I see online. But I know it would be SO MUCH MORE PRETTY IN PERSON!!!!

Anandi said...

Very nice! We had our wedding at Canlis in May 2005, so it's nice to see how other people do it :)