Saturday, April 26, 2008

The week in review...

I think someone loves the antlers even more than me! (Photo via AT)

I've been wanting to make some really yummy smelling, natural colored, earth-friendly soy candles for a while. I'm feeling a little intimidated, but Michelle Kaufmann's directions this week just might get me to try it finally! It doesn't sound to hard, really!

I must be in the crafty mood, because I also loved this ottoman project, found through a roundabout way starting on I Suwanee. Jamie (aka I Suwanee) must have just received her spring IKEA catalog, because she also shared a couple of new things she loved. I'm with her on the plant stands.

I always love floral arrangements with food incorporated into them--my two great loves! And I say food, because it doesn't always have to be fruit; I love the one below by housemartin (from January). This week, epicurious (one of the best cooking sites out there I think) did a cute little slideshow about making bouquets with asparagus, grapes, and herbs. I love the asparagus and peonies combination! It just goes to show, anytime you put two things together that grow together seasonally, they usually look fabulous.

And other than all this, I've been WORKING! So, I have a big pile o' stuff in my google reader I haven't had time to peruse. Next week, I'll have some pictures from some of the work this week, a fun place to shop, and an interview with someone exciting that I don't want to give away yet...but I'm so thrilled because I can't believe she talked to little old me!

Have a good one!

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