Saturday, April 19, 2008

The week in review...

A couple beautiful interiors from Nate Berkus via Urban Grace Interiors. Yes, you probably could describe these as masculine as Erika did, but they are certainly a lot more beautiful than anything my husband would have come up with!

Antique doors as an innovative wedding backdrop. Photo from Vallentyne Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs.

I'm so in love with these shoes and this dress from Peonies and Polaroids. There are no words to describe their perfection. Dress from Marchesa, shoes from Christian Louboutin (of course).

This week, Kathryn from Snippet & Ink (have I mentioned this blog before? It has SO many great ideas!) put together inspiration boards for weddings on a budget, and followed each with some great ideas on how to save a few dollars (and what to really splurg on!). A few of my favorites were the lobster feed and the cocktail party in shades of champagne.

And last week, Martha completely annoyed me with all her talk about washing donkeys

but this week, she really moved me with her tribute to Paw Paw (Ok, I'll be honest. I'm totally hormonal and started crying when I read it). I'm sure you've seen him; he was often featured on her show and in the magazine. I always thought he looked like a fuzzy copper teddy bear rather than a dog, and just seemed so sweet and calm. I'm just glad he had such a peaceful and happy last day!

And now to make you laugh...Fold your own Candidate!

From How About Orange. This cracks me up because I always love anything that makes politicians look ridiculous (especially these).

Have a great weekend!

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cara said...

Oooh, you just reminded me how much I loved those shoes and that dress! And the donkey, I LOVE donkeys. The Boy sponsored a donkey at a centre for disabled children as a 21st birthday present for me. Other girls get jewellery, I got a donkey!

I couldn't bear to read anything about animals that might make me cry, but the dog is super cute.

Thank you for the donkey and dress, a lovely way to end the day!