Monday, April 7, 2008


Beautiful event design from the amazing Fete in New York.

I love the simplicity of taking one idea and just doing it perfectly. Lemons!

How many times have lanterns been done? I think this is #48,337; yet I think it still looks fresh and gorgeous!

Another single idea taken to the (very well done) extreme. Sparkling light! These candles are blanketing the steps of the New York City Public Library...

and more sparkle with the dessert!

A tropical look...with a three tier chandelier made entirely of ORCHIDS!

Now that spring is in full swing, lily of the valley is one of the two most requested flowers (the other guessed it! Peonies) I love the delicate bell shaped blooms in this bouquet with the ethereal lace. A perfect pairing, and exactly why you should always show a picture of your dress to your floral designer!

And finally, a clean, modern, and amazing event! Ceremony "trees" of orchids and hanging votive cones.

Centerpieces of pure white French tulips (which means longer stems).

And an extravagantly draped hallway for guests to travel down on the way to the reception...

And the same hallway with magenta lighting added for a grand exit later in the evening!

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