Friday, April 18, 2008


I promised my friend Johnny I'd spread the word a little about his new blog...and then, when I went to get some pictures off of it and started reading, I realized he's actually doing me a favor. There is some really good stuff on there!

Johnny is the owner/founder of GreenFab, a sustainable development company working to achieve a balance between the natural and built environments. They focus on health, community and environment, and are also a portal of awesome ideas and new developments going on in sustainable building. I know I have a few readers currently building new homes--his site is a must see!

One of my favorite finds are these leaves, currently on display at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. The leaves are beautiful in themselves, but what they do is even better. You attach them to the side of your home, and they capture wind energy as they flutter in the breeze and sun energy through their photovoltaic cells. This is one of the neatest innovations I've heard about in a long time!

I also love the pictures of Johnny's garden, maybe because they bring back fond memories of many summer barbecues with great friends, but most likely because it really is an amazing place and Johnny's amazing photography really makes it shine.

Johnny designed and installed the entire garden, including the cute little shed with the green roof shown below, and the metal sculptures you can see to the side.

I love this Irish moss path and all the other beautiful little details. The pond? It has brilliant orange tumbled glass (from Bedrock--a really cool recycled glass place in Seattle) surrounding the base that you can just get a peek of in the last picture.

Check back with GreenFab often for all the latest innovations (and cool gizmos) in green development!


One Love Photo said...

Inspiration for my garden! This is so awesome. Currently I have a dirt patch...anything is possible!

Anonymous said...

Alexa, thanks for sharing my story and my site with your readers. It is rewarding to know that people share an interest (and hopefully) passion)in the ideas that I explore on my site. It is my dream that we all can band together to help inspire others to help save our planet.

Happy Living!

Alexa Johnson said...

OLP--Yes, anything is possible! I saw the "before" on Johnny's garden when they bought the house, and it was just a tiny little plot with nothing but grass. It's still tiny, but looks like a little jewelbox of a yard!

GF--So glad to share it! I love what you are doing and the fun finds you're sharing.