Thursday, March 13, 2008

True (decorating) Confessions...

Spring is on the way, and its all I want to talk about. However, there's something I should get off my chest first.

This winter, I have developed a strange fascination with faux deer. This little obsession has been a concern (or annoyance?) to my husband and friends for a little while now. If you come to my house, I will most likely grill you with questions concerning your opinion of the latest faux deer I've clipped from a magazine. I have a whole series of questions I like to ask in order to assess my latest favorite's potential for adding beauty to my happy little home.
  • Do you think it looks real? (Desired answer: no)
  • What do you think about the material the deer is made of? (Desired answer: unique and unusual)

  • What do you think of the expression on the faux deer's face? (Yes, I really do ask this question. Desired answer: kindly and wise)

My favorite faux deer of the moment? This beauty from Roost, shown in the Country Home Show Home this year. I believe this deer would produce all of the desired answers above. Plus, this room looks like the perfect spot for an afternoon curled up in front of the fire with a book and some really great chocolate.

And, another view of this same perfect guy, courtesy of Domino Mag.

It all started with a deer I found around Christmas that everyone thought looked really angry. (Picture is no longer around to show you). I'm afraid that this particular faux deer might have been so angry looking that it turned everyone else off the idea completely. I keep trying though.

A few more favorites from Domino.

A simple deer silhouette. Such a modern and fresh take on the idea!

Here are a few other very unique favorites:

A faux deer LIGHT! I love the description: "A post modern approach to an admired cultural icon". Available at unica home for a mere $7600!

A sweet simple little deer head with a clean design, made from cast resin with the appearance of alabaster. Definitely meets the kindly expression requirement.

And how amazing is this? A cable knit faux deer! This is a gorgeous hand-crafted ivory wool creation from artist Rachel Denny through Vitamin D(esign). A one-of-a-kind piece of art if you ask me. I know the perfect one is out there for me. The quest continues...

P.S.--I just saw this at Domino. I think its a faux fish! It might be the perfect update my home needs for Spring...

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Robin Rotondo said...

Oh no - the return of the deer head! Actually, I have been seeing these everywhere since you showed me the PB one, so obviously you were onto something.

Also, Happy Birthday to the sweetest three-year-old I know!