Friday, March 14, 2008


At the recent Urban Unveiled show, I picked up a little goody bag with a few sample sizes from the ultra-stylish 7 Salon. When I got home, pleasantly worn out from an evening downtown that required heels and offered cocktails, I absentmindedly started to throw the little bottles in my travel cosmetic kit. It would be fun to try them the next time I was traveling.

But then I remembered that a stylist from SEVEN had briefly mentioned that their new product line was composed of even more organic components than the ubiquitous Aveda line. Maybe it was worth a try sooner than later. The next morning--pure organic hair BLISS!

Now, I'm not a total product junkie like some, but I do love anything that smells yummy, feels perfect, and actually works. And if its organic on top of that? Well, I feel obligated to pass on the secret.

So, as any good blogger would do, I thought I'd find out more, right from the source, and share it with you. Last week, I talked with Rodger Azadganian, founder and stylist extraordinaire (Linda Evangelista, Melinda Gates, Donna Karan...) about the product line they recently created.

Fiore fresco: Tell me about your new product line and the ingredients you used to design the formulas. You don't advertise it as being organic, but I've heard rumors.

Rodger: I wanted to create products from the purest, most natural and organic products available. We spent three and half years on the formulas, and now have been refining the products since they were released two years ago. The recipes are from scratch, based on what we knew worked on hair.

A lot of products that claim to be organic are really only about 1/3 organic in reality. We knew we could do better! Workiing with various suppliers, we have been able to create formulas that are 2/3 natural. We've eliminated 10 chemicals that are in most other formulas that are known to heighten allergies. We've sourced natural preservatives.

Fiore fresco: Tell me about your salon.

Rodger: SEVEN is actually two salons now. One in downtown, the other in Bellevue. Our philosophy is that for you to really feel good, your hair has to look good. We study our clients face shape, bone structure, eye and skin color, and create something that is completely tailored to each individual.

Fiore fresco: What kind of special experiences do you offer for brides or others planning events?

Rodger: We have a team at SEVEN that offers on-location services, and they are pretty incredible. They've done some of the major Northwest fashion shows; Donna Karan, Badgley Mischka, Michael Kors, and the Nordstroms shows. Its a very special way to treat your bridal party!

Fiore fresco: Finally, any trends in special event hair right now?

Rodger: Hair looks like hair again! Long and flowy, very natural. A few years ago it was so sculptural that it often didn't resemble hair. Thankfully we're back to a beautiful romantic look.

I was so taken with SEVEN's product line that I begged them for a few little samples to be able to share with my readers, hoping for a few of those little bottles I mentioned above. But the very generous Andy Rubenstein from the salon sent a wonderful pack of six (weird, huh?) FULL SIZE products, covering all aspects of their line (shampoo, conditioning, styling, and finishing). It kills me to do this, but I'll be sending it to one super-lucky reader next week.

Of course you don't get such an awesome treat without a little work...please leave a comment on this post, and answer the following questions (from your reading assignment this week).

1. What is your personal favorite sign that spring is on the way?

2. What is your current decorating obsession?

3. Favorite site you go to for inspiration?

4. Description of your worst hair style ever.

Comment number ___ gets the goods. (I've already selected a number--you just don't get to know it yet of course!)

If you'd like to book an appointment at SEVEN, or purchase some of their products to try, please call the salon at (206)903-1777 or (425)289-1777. If you are local, they can also be picked up at the salon.

Have a great weekend! I'll be busy with flowers for Shirley and Derek--a fabulously sweet couple getting married at the Lake Union Cafe. Congrats you two!


Travis & Nicole said...

Ooh, you're right-- that 7 package looks divine.

My answers:

1) Ducklings!!! During college, my favorite time of year was seeing the first batch of duckling parading around campus. Potentially the cutest things alive. I sent annual emails just to commemorate the first sighting.

2) Jennifer Sanchez-- the only art my fiance and I have mutually liked so far! She creates beautiful abstract paintings that merge my love of fluidity with Travis' penchant for the geometric. (Here's the first art we've bought together--

3) The craftiness of Esty Weddings and Not Martha just makes me swoon. But I'm also a huge fan of Apartment Therapy and its brilliant ideas for teensy spaces.

4) Who would capture that on film? Cruel!

Robin Rotondo said...

Great post! I hope I win these great products. But if not, I will definitely check them out.

1. My favorite sign of spring is hearing the birds chirping in the morning.

2. My current decorating obsession is classic modern style. I love the look of mixing old with new. I also love the color orange right now.

3. I love looking at design blogs for decorating inspiration. One of my favorites is Patricia Gray Interior Design.

4. No pictures needed - you got to see way too many of my bad hair styles in junior high!

Sarah Spada said...

I'm totally going to start going to the salon when it opens in Pacific Place. I am super excited!

1. Tulips of every color are my favorite thing about spring. I already have been buying them weekly. Since I worked at Starbucks in the market I have a tulip hook up down there. They give me a great discount!

2. I don't really have a current decorating obsession. But I am obsessed right now with lamps that have glass or acrylic bases. I bought a new ones to replace every lamp in my apartment!

3. I dont really look at design blogs. But I am always into anything Martha Stewart. So I read her magazines and blog and watch her show. Mostly I just look at celebrity and entertainment blogs. I know- its an obsession.

4. Yeah right. I wish I had a picture of the spike I once had when I bleached one part of my hair so much it broke off. That was awesome.

Unknown said...

Hi Lex! I love your blog, it is too beautiful. My favorite sign of spring has to be daffodils. When I was little we had a big woodland by our house and I would check it everyday after school to see if the wild daffodils were blooming yet. Back then, most people did not have them in their yards like they do now. I always buy them the minute they come into the store.

I am crazy for glass lamps with drum shades. I love how sleek the glass looks and the drum shades lend an air of modernism to them. I also am looking at artwork. Most of what I like is out of my price range, but someday I am going to invest in a piece I just can't live without.

I love decorating magazines, so I visit their online sites frequently. I also found a great site that tells how to hang pictures in every imaginable situation. It has helped me so much. Is there anything worse than pictures hung too high, or not close enough to relate to anything else in the room!

I do not have a picture to send, but Lex has seen me in my days of spiral perms with a massively huge cloud of hair floating around my face.

rebekah said...

1. The slow reappearance of skirts and bright colors.

2. Vintage modern. I love vintage, my husband loves modern. And the combination of the two is surprisingly beautiful to me.

3. Desire to Inspire. It's easy to read and the pictures are so beautiful.

4. 6th grade. Bangs to the middle of my head. Along with a perm. I had a pyramid with a poofy top. And no, definitely no pictures!

Kaprice said...

Love your blogs, fun, fresh, and inspiring! I especially got a kick out of the "deer" segment. As a newcomer to Seattle thank you for opening my eyes to "7"!

My answers:

1. Reminders of spring:
Seeing the first Robin Redbreast and waking to the fresh spring air. When I was a child (oh so many years ago) my grandfather wrote a childrens book for me about seeing the first signs of spring in WI and seeing the first Robin Redbreast was a signal for spring (as a kid growing up in WI that meant I could go outside and play and not have the snot in my nose freeze when I went outside).

2. My current decorating obessesion is large clear 3 ft glass vases on various counter tops (kitchen, bathrooms) around my house filled with orchids, driftwood and beach glass.

3. Inviting contemporary elegance with a touch of romanticism. is a favorite of mine for inspiration.

4. The hair.... no pictures will make it across the web of this stylish "valley girl" from the eighties! The spiral perm with side wings sprayed perfectly with a bottle of Paul Mitchell freeze and shine hair spray. Lets not forget the "claw" for the bangs, again another bottle of hairspray to hold the mile high bangs (scary...).

Milo said...

Ahh - blogger just ate my original comment. Here's the shorthand version:

1) Daffodils. Huge bunches of daffodils, for as long as they are in season.
2) Screenprints and tiles by British artist Rob Ryan -
3) Apartment Therapy, plus their children's site Love the nursery tours!
4) It involves small town wedding, Auqanet, hot rollers, and a banana clip. And no, it was not 1980-something. :)

Alexa Johnson said...

Hey everyone-
Thanks so much for your sharing your thoughts. I love finding out that people are actually reading! I'll let you know on Friday who the lucky winner is (and if you haven't entered yet, you have until Thursday night!)

Anonymous said...

Oh Alexa, this is so much fun! Ok, here goes;

1.Waking up to more frequent sunny mornings, seeing the ground cover begin to bloom and later sunsets.

2.We're building a Cape Cod style home, so I'm all about beach stuff. Apothocary jars in every size filled with shells and beach glass, white linens and shades of blue or green on every wall.

3.Marston & Langinger, so beautiful.

4.Do four inch high bangs and a scrunchie to match your top do it for ya?

Kara Pennington Photography said...

The products look amazing!! And fun idea to spread the love :)

1. Easter! It always seems to be the day that spring seems to FINALLY be here!

2. Retro! I'm into bright colors and funky designs :)

3. - LOVE IT!

4. Definitely 8th grade! I bought bleach hair color thinking it was blonde highlights and FRIED my hair! What a disaster :)

krista&josh said...

1. My favorite sign is the start of the rainy season (believe it or not). I love being able to break out the rain boots and colorful umbrellas!

2. I am obsessed with vases. I go thrifting for milk glass or anythin g hobnail all of the time! I've also starting framing particular pages out of antique books.

3. I love Snippet and Ink :)

4. When I was younger, I had corkscrew tight curls that have gradually loosened as I got older. When I was 12, I decided I was done with curls and decided to brush those babies out! Crazy (scary more like it) frizz head! P.S. I continued to do this for 2 years or so until I discovered straighteners.

Anonymous said...

1) there is a bird song that starts around early march here, i always forget about it until i hear it for the first time (always in the morning), and no matter how rainy it is outside, i realize that it's spring

2) my current decorating obsession is grey. i am loving it right now (like everyone else i think), and just painted my bedroom a lovely rich gray

3) apartment therapy (or perfect bound, or housemartin, or bloesem...)

4) puffy, crispy bangs. you know, when you'd curl them, then tease them a bit, with LOTS of hairspray. i think i was 12 years old.

Anonymous said...

Neat! I'll play.

1. My first hint that spring is coming is watching the daffodils popping up. They're so gorgeous - I just wish they lasted longer.

2. I am still stuck on chandeliers even tho' I got one last year for a guest bedroom. That Murano glass chandelier is one of my favorite things in the house.

3. Trip Advisor forums. I live to travel.

4. Late middle school - the perm. I'm just glad I didn't succumb to the 80s bangs.