Friday, March 21, 2008


  • to feeding a hungry school child for a full year
  • to natural organic cotton and jute burlap
  • to dumping those plastic grocery bags, or...
  • a great new accessory for spring!

FEED Bags are a project from the UN World Food Programme. They've targeted their efforts at feeding children that are attending school in developing countries because the impact is exponential. School feeding is a magnet; it can increase enrollment by 100%. And, the children that are attending are able to learn more when they have food in their stomachs and energy for their brains!

The bags are $59.oo and ship for free. You get one great accessory, the kids get 365 great meals. I also think they'd make a great gift for any generous-hearted friend that loves great bags!

The FEED Bag site has some great info about the project (as well as a link to amazon so that you can purchase one), but what more do you really have to know?

P.S.--Thanks Katy for the tip! If YOU are carrying one, I KNOW they must be chic!

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