Tuesday, March 11, 2008


First, the truth. Martha Stewart, talented though she is, does not do all of that stuff (but you already knew that).

Second, Rebecca Thuss does do a lot of stuff! She was a photo stylist and creative director at MSO for 10 years, before leaving in 2006 to found a photography and graphic design studio with her husband Patrick Farrell. They currently do photography, web and graphic design, branding and creative direction.

Rebecca’s site is a veritable treasure trove of eye candy and inspiration. It features page after page of beautiful photography from her years at Martha Stewart and a little of her work since as well. It’s sort of like having the archives of MS right in front of you…but it’s a better version of the archives, because there are no advertisements or advice columns (maybe I’m the only one that doesn’t find “Ask Martha” very useful, but there you have it). Just beautiful images, one after another.

A few personal favorites:

Have fun browsing! I hope you get inspired.

Note: Images from Weddings, Blueprint, and MSL are copyright © MSLO—All other photography © ThussFarrell. All rights reserved.

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